Hangover Treatment

The perfect option for recovery after a rough night of drinking. Rehydrate with a blend of vitamins and minerals for a quick recovery. Eliminate hangover symptoms in minutes! | $140

Hangover PLUS Treatment

Did you close down the bar? We have just what you need for that drank too much and karaoked all night feeling. Supercharge your hangover relief! Enjoy the standard treatment PLUS the super antioxidant glutathione for immediate relief! | $220

Beauty Bag

Enjoy the benefits of glutathione! Let your skin glow and detoxify with this super antioxidant! | $200

Headache/Pain Treatment

Magnesium deficiency has been implicated in headaches and pain. Treat your pain with an infusion of magnesium and non-narcotic pain medicine for fast relief. | $130

Cold/Flu Rehydration

Give your immune system a boost! Re-energize with an infusion of vitamin C and electrolytes. Eliminate nausea for a full recovery. | $120

Athletic Performance

Increase your performance! Rehydrate before or after strenuous physical activity for faster recovery. | $120

Vitamin B12 Injection

Increase energy and boost your metabolism! | $20

Additional Vitamin C

Add extra vitamin C to any IV infusion therapy. | $20